POPxo is looking for someone creative, hard-working and (fairly) good with numbers to join our growth team!

We’re looking for someone who:

  • has a prior experience of at least 2.5 years in social media and the digital marketing industry. Is familiar with Facebook and Google ads.

  • has a knack at creating relevant content in the form of memes, quotes etc.

  • has great communication and skills: You have a clear and precise way of communicating and are able to express your thoughts in a straightforward manner. You are comfortable picking up the phone and talking to strangers.

  • is a good negotiator and can manage relationships: You are able to build relationships with different types of people.

  • is comfortable working in a professional environment. We may have fun in the office, but we also take our work seriously. Every team has targets to meet each month and you'll play a key role in helping us achieve them.

  • is (fairly) good with numbers. You can read an analytics dashboard or a spreadsheet and understand what’s what. You’re willing and able to make decisions based on data and not just hunches.

You will be working on ...

  • Developing POPxo’s content-distribution strategy across platforms, reaching out to potential online partner sites, executing a best-in-class social media strategy (including the development of new social media accounts as appropriate).

  • Ideating on content ideas to maximize impact across all relevant platforms.

  • Monitoring of site and social media metrics, and has an understanding of the daily ups and downs of content distribution.