Launched in 2014, Luxeva Limited is a media-tech company that’s behind three of India’s biggest digital brands: POPxo, Plixxo and Luxeva. The three platforms work in tandem to redefine digital media in India and unlock the potential of content, influencer and commerce. The company prides itself in its 183-strong team, 68% of which are women. Luxeva Limited’s leadership team has a 60-40 ratio of women to men. The company’s mission is to help women achieve their goals and lead better, happier lives.

POPxo is India’s largest digital community for millennial women. The brand’s tagline ‘Take It Up A POP’ underscores its unique position as a platform that helps women become better in all aspects of their life, be it fashion, beauty, work or relationships. The positioning is backed by POPxo’s multilingual strategy. It is available in six languages Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Bangla & Marathi. Today, POPxo has over 45 million MAUs (monthly active users) across all platforms. Every month, the team creates over 1500 stories, 80 videos. POPxo Shop further strengthens POPxo’s position as a Content-Influencer-Commerce platform. The large user base, proven digital market capabilities and data-driven insights into what users want helps POPxo successfully create, launch and market DTC brands for millennial women across beauty, fashion and lifestyle categories.

To capitalise on the growth in the influencer market, Plixxo was launched in 2017 as an influencer marketplace. Today, there are 40,000+ Plixxo influencers in 100+ towns across India. The technology powering the platform enables swift and seamless execution of large brand campaigns with thousands of influencers.

Luxeva Limited recently launched their latest brand -, a digital-first luxury content platform. It is a glossy guide to all things luxury for both women and men across all lifestyle categories with a strong affiliate product plug-in.

  • Bonuses for hitting key business goals - high performers are rewarded!

  • A five day working week!

  • Strong supportive structure in place for working parents.

  • We are a pet friendly workplace.

  • Foosball Table for fun breaks!

  • Great restaurants and bars around the workplace!

  • Gopika E.M

    Senior Social Media Manager

    “ POPxo's not like a “typical" office! It's more like a collaborative community with the freedom to express whatever's on your mind. A pink cubicle-free office & AMAZING people you can learn from and party with! What could be better? ”

  • Pradipta Sarkar

    Managing Editor

    “ I'm even more excited to work at POPxo today than I was the day I joined. It's fun, it's challenging, and it's never, ever, ever boring! ”

  • Divya Sharma

    Assistant Editor

    “ I learnt more in my first few months than I did in 3 years of college but what’s even better is that our office looks like a cupcake and we have more dessert breaks than lunch ones! How could I NOT love it here?! ”