POPxo is looking to hire an Associate Product Manager who is focused on creating an amazing experience for our 5 million monthly users across multiple platforms (website, iOS app, Android app, social channels).

Our ideal candidate would be a graduate from a top-tier tech and/or design institute. Relevant experience is preferred but not required.

Required skill sets:
1. Data analysis
2. Product requirement analysis

Knowledge of SCRUM and Software Development Lifecycle is an added advantage.

This might be the perfect role for you if:

1. you want to build beautiful, usable products. We want to build products that make it easier for our users to live their everyday lives. They should be easy to use, intuitive and pretty enough for users to want to visit them on a daily basis. We won’t claim we’ve got there yet - we’re hiring you to help with that!

2. you enjoy talking to users and understanding how and why they do the things they do. You will be great at conducting user interviews and focus groups, learning everything you can about the lives of our focused user base (18-34 women in India). You’ll understand the problems they have that we can help solve. You’ll be able to get clear feedback on ideas we’re working on, from the ones that we’ve just started testing to the ones that are in live product release.

3. you have a passion for technology. You don’t need to have been a developer to do this role well - though it might help! What you will need is a passion for technology, a structured way of thinking and a desire to learn quickly.

4. you have an eye for detail. You care about the small things. You want the “reset password” process to be painless and beautiful. You want "swipe to delete" to require just the amount of touch that the average user applies. Because you know that however good we are at the big things, when the small things break, it pisses users off and ruins the whole experience!

5. you enjoy working with multiple people from different backgrounds. You’ll need to work closely with our editorial team, our designers, our developers and our sales team. You’ll need to balance their competition demands and differing opinions - keeping everyone happy (enough) while delivering a product users love!